About Freedom Sailing International

Active tall ship sailing for people with disabilities*
*based on the goals of Inclusive Design

Our Mission: 

Based in New Orleans, LA, Freedom Sailing International will design, build and operate a tall ship for people with disabilities, based on the goals of Inclusive Design, to enable those with disabilities to sail alongside their able-bodied family and friends, spreading awareness and goodwill.

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, 2013, there are over 70 million people with disabilities in the U.S., as well as thousands of wounded American soldiers. Our goal is to accommodate all people including the elderly and people with disabilities, along with their family and friends, to explore the high seas. New Orleans is a major port city, and the perfect location to launch Freedom Sailing International. This innovative concept will introduce shipbuilding and inclusive design to the world. The time is now for America to spread goodwill globally and become a strong voice in the advancement of people with disabilities.


How To Get On Board

Please be generous and allow yourself to be rewarded with the knowledge that you have contributed to and joined with those who are making a major difference in the lives of people with disabilities.

Our vessel will be the first inclusively designed tall ship built.  We would love to have your input regarding the development of our ship!

  • WHY FSI?

    1. To Fulfill a Global Need

    Freedom Sailing International’s founders recognized the need for a U.S. based sailing vessel to provide sailing adventures to people of all abilities

    Sailor takes the wheel
  • WHY FSI?

    2. Give People with Disabilities a New Opportunity

    To give people with disabilities and their family and friends the opportunity to participate together in active tall ship sailing.

    Blindfolded sailors eating lunch
  • WHY FSI?

    3. First of It’s Kind!

    Our ship will be the first inclusive designed tall ship. We will create new opportunities in shipbuilding and advancements in inclusive design.

    Smiling sailor steering ship
  • WHY FSI?

    4. Destinations for All!

    We were selected to participate in the 1st ever World Summit Destinations for All in Montreal in 2014. We signed A World for Everyone declaration initiated by the United Nations.

    Destinations for all